Reviving Trust in Real Estate Crowdfunding: Best Practices for Investor Confidence

Recent developments in the real estate crowdfunding space have cast a cloud of uncertainty among investors. While regulation crowdfunding has stringent guidelines in place, other offerings like 506c and 506b often operate with more leeway. At Invown, we're championing a movement that extends these best practices beyond the confines of [more]

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Explaining the Form C For Crowdfunding Offerings

When it comes to navigating the landscape of crowdfunding, understanding the necessary documentation and procedures is essential. If you are contemplating initiating a Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaign, the filing of Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a crucial step that you need to understand and [more]

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The Key to Successful Crowdfunding: A Solid Marketing Strategy

In today's competitive landscape, fundraising for a business, startup, or real estate project goes beyond creating a compelling story or presenting promising numbers. It demands a well-crafted, comprehensive marketing strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and convince potential investors to back your initiative. Identifying the Need for [more]

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Safeguarding Funds in Crowdfunding: The Critical Role of Escrow Accounts in Reg CF Offerings

Reg CF Offering: Understanding Escrow Accounts for Investor Protection When it comes to raising capital through crowdfunding, Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) stands as one of the most popular methods for startups, real estate and small businesses. A crucial aspect of the Reg CF process is the establishment of an escrow [more]

What is the Form C?

Form C is an offering statement that must be filed by any company conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering. Form Cs are submitted through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR online filing system.

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#1 Guide to Using Retirement Accounts for Reg CF Real Estate Investments on Invown

On Invown you can invest in Reg CF real estate investment on the platform using your retirement account. Here are some examples of retirement accounts that can be used: SDIRA (Self-Directed IRA): A retirement account allowing investors to choose their investments beyond stocks and bonds. Solo 401k: A retirement plan [more]

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Cardone and Adam Neumann Offer Solutions to the Affordable Housing Crisis All Sponsors Can Use

Housing in America is broken and make the rich richer and the poor poorerHousing in America feeds financial inequality, and as someone who has spent two years immersed in commercial real estate, I have seen this firsthand. The current system necessitates wealthy investors to pool funds to purchase apartment buildings [more]

Real Estate Sponsors Attract 2 Distinct Customers: Tenants and Retail Investors

Real estate sponsors wear many hats and have diverse stakeholders, from tenants to retail investors and others in between. Sponsors search out deals, get them under contract, close the deal, renovate, and lease the properties to tenants. To arrange debt and equity financing, sponsors must also form relationships with lenders, [more]

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