Explaining the Form C For Crowdfunding Offerings

When it comes to navigating the landscape of crowdfunding, understanding the necessary documentation and procedures is essential. If you are contemplating initiating a Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaign, the filing of Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a crucial step that you need to understand and [more]

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Mastering Securities in Crowdfunding: Your Key to Success

If you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a startup owner, you know the importance of acquiring the right funding to propel your venture forward. Crowdfunding has emerged as an incredibly valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. Today, I'd like to share some insights about a critical element in crowdfunding - [more]

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2 Powerful Ways to Advertise Real Estate Offerings and Raise More Capital

Real estate sponsors often advertise real estate offerings to the public to obtain new investors. Yet, 87% of the people seeing their ads cannot legally invest because they need to be accredited. The Problem: Advertising to Everyone Yet Only 13% Can Invest An accredited investor must meet specific financial qualifications, [more]

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What is the Legal Definition of a Security?

The legal definition of a security is a financial instrument that represents ownership or a financial obligation. Securities are used to raise capital and facilitate the buying and selling of assets, and they are regulated by government agencies to protect investors. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines a [more]

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