Realize the potential of the real estate market with as little as $1000

Invown brings investment opportunities you can scroll through. Sound too good to be true? Let us tell you how.


Invown for Investors

Realize the rewards and risks of the real estate market without the headache of ownership. What’s the best part? Invown brings the investments to you!

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Invown real estate

Diversify your investment

Build a diverse and tailored investment portfolio with exposure to real estate value. Co-invest with others with as little as $1,000.

No Property Maintenance

Investors aren’t responsible for maintenance, property management, or tenants because they don’t own the property.

Location! Location! Location!

Invown offers investment opportunities from locations within the United States. We’re bringing investment opportunities you can scroll through.

Exposure to Real Estate Markets

Build a diverse and tailored investment portfolio with exposure to residential and commercial real estate values.

What am I investing in?

When you invest through Invown, you’re investing in a company that offers you a percentage of equity in their property.


The Benefits

Because you don’t own the actual property you get the same exposure to real estate value, including all the potential upside (or risk), without the responsibility of ownership.


The Risks

As with all investments, there are downsides and investors need to understand the risk. Investments offered on Invown are illiquid and, like all privately bought securities, they are inherently risky. Investors in this type of security can lose the entire value of their investment. Never invest more than you can afford



Invown cannot predict any potential return on investment. You need to review each property upon which the security on interest is based and decide if the potential risk/reward is worth the investment.

How does it work?

Invown matches investors with cash wanting equity with property owners wanting financing

When you log in you’ll be greeted with investment opportunities you can scroll through. Property owners looking for financing list their property details and approved terms of the investment. You, the investor, decide which opportunities suit you best and how much of the investment you’d like to fund. Then, add it to your cart!
Once the commitment is made, funds are drawn and put into an escrow account with any other possible co-investors, before a contract is drawn. Once the offering is fully committed, a lump sum is given to the issuer (property owner) and your kept up to date on all progress of the offering.
Track your portfolio of Invown investments right from your cell phone. A personalized dashboard will keep you up to date on all investments. Some agreements may include regular payments from the owner for potential cash flow.
When the term of the agreement ends, or upon a financing event like a sale or refinance, you will receive your return as an agreed-upon percentage of the value of the property, at that time. If the investment has appreciated, investors will receive a higher return. If the investment depreciates investors will receive less than what was committed.

An owner of a property, appraised at $200,000, proposes a 5-year agreement to raise $40,000 (20% of the value of the property).

  • One, or many investors, agree to fund the $40,000
  • At the end of the five-year term, the home is appraised again and appreciated by 10% to an ending value of $220,000
  • Because investors funded 20% of the initial value of the property, they split the same 20% of the final value of $220,000, or $44,000, proportionally (minus platform fees).
  • Conversely, if the property’s value decreased by 10%, to $180,000, the investor(s) will still be entitled to the same 20% of the property’s final value, or $36,000. There is a risk for investors, who share in any gains, as well as losses.
  • At the end of the term, the issuer (owner) will have a financing event, such as a refinancing or sale of their property, at which time investor earnings are released back to them, proportionally, via the same escrow account.
  • If the owner offers monthly, quarterly, or annual cash flow, the investors will receive regular payments.

Note: This is an overly simplified example and does not include all steps or scenarios.

Have a question?

Invown can answer all of your questions to help you with your investment process.