Access your property’s equity to fund your dreams or next big project.

Get cash from equity investors, on your own terms.

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Property owners have between 35% and 92% of their wealth locked up in their real estate assets*. With Invown, you can use your property’s equity for backing to get the cash you need to diversify and de-risk your wealth.

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Diversify your wealth
Trade Equity for Cash
Your Title Doesn’t Change During the Term
You’re the Owner, You Set the Terms

Through Invown you are raising funds, backed by your property’s equity, and connected to the value of your property rather than just an interest rate. This allows you to diversify the wealth tied up in your real estate asset(s).

Fundraising against your property’s equity on Invown helps you get the cash you need to fund your dreams or jumpstart your next project. Start a business, renovate your property, pay your bills, help others, and more!

Investors are never added to the title during the term. However, a lien against the property is enforceable. At the end of the term and upon an equity event (sale or refinance), you are obligated to pay investors their portion (minus any fees). Defaulting on your payment may result in the complete loss of your property.

When you Invown you’re in the driver’s seat. You set the terms of the offering to investors — not the other way around.

How does it work?

Invown matches property owners with investors who want to add real estate based securities to their investment portfolio. Investors give you cash in return for an interest in the future value of your property, whether it appreciates or not.

Use Invown’s free, no-obligation, calculator to check how much equity makes sense for you to offer investors. The calculator will help you choose choose a funding amount and the terms of the investment (term length, amount of equity offered, and repayment schedule).

Once you choose the amount of money you seek, its terms, and its purpose, submit it to Invown for review to review and approval.

Once the offering is approved by Invown, it will be listed as an investment offering on Invown’s platform for investors to consider and compare.

Investors who find that your offering aligns with their strategy may fund all or part of the requested amount.

Once the round has been fully funded by one or many investors, you’ll receive the investment. You’ll decide how long to your offering is listed on Invown. (There is a chance that the full funding amount is never reached.)

An owner of a property, appraised at $200,000, proposes a 5-year agreement to raise $40,000 (20% of the value of the property).

– One or many investors agree to fund the $40,000

– At the end of the five-year term, the home is appraised again and appreciated by 10% to an ending value of $220,000

– Because investors funded 20% of the initial value of the home, they split 20% of the final value ($44,000) proportionally (minus platform fees)

– Conversely, if the property’s value decreased by 10%, to $180,000, the investor(s) will only be entitled to the same 20% of the property’s final value: $36,000. There is a risk for investors, who share in any gains as well as losses.

– At the end of the term, the issuer (owner) will have a financing event, such as a refinancing or sale of their property, at which time investor earnings are released back to them, proportionally.

Note: This is an overly simplified example and does not include all steps or scenarios.

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