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Safeguarding Funds in Crowdfunding: The Critical Role of Escrow Accounts in Reg CF Offerings

Reg CF Offering: Understanding Escrow Accounts for Investor Protection When it comes to raising capital through crowdfunding, Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) stands as one of the most popular methods for startups, real estate and small businesses. A crucial aspect of the Reg CF process is the establishment of an escrow [more]

What is the Form C?

Form C is an offering statement that must be filed by any company conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering. Form Cs are submitted through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR online filing system.

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#1 Guide to Using Retirement Accounts for Reg CF Real Estate Investments on Invown

On Invown you can invest in Reg CF real estate investment on the platform using your retirement account. Here are some examples of retirement accounts that can be used: SDIRA (Self-Directed IRA): A retirement account allowing investors to choose their investments beyond stocks and bonds. Solo 401k: A retirement plan [more]

Cardone and Adam Neumann Offer Solutions to the Affordable Housing Crisis All Sponsors Can Use

Housing in America is broken and make the rich richer and the poor poorerHousing in America feeds financial inequality, and as someone who has spent two years immersed in commercial real estate, I have seen this firsthand. The current system necessitates wealthy investors to pool funds to purchase apartment buildings [more]

Real Estate Sponsors Attract 2 Distinct Customers: Tenants and Retail Investors

Real estate sponsors wear many hats and have diverse stakeholders, from tenants to retail investors and others in between. Sponsors search out deals, get them under contract, close the deal, renovate, and lease the properties to tenants. To arrange debt and equity financing, sponsors must also form relationships with lenders, [more]

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Real Estate GP vs. Sponsor vs. Syndicator: Gain Clarity on the Differences

Somewhat confusingly, General Partner (GP), sponsor, and syndicator are all used interchangeably in the real estate industry. GP, the sponsor, and the syndicator seem to refer to the person or entity leading a real estate deal. In this article, I will clarify what they actually refer to, what the role [more]

How The Post-Pandemic Real Estate Investor Can Now Leverage Remote Work and a Recession

In a recent conversation with a real estate investor friend, we discussed that remote work has caused some office buildings spaces to become empty, resulting in defaults and foreclosures. Some office space currently sells at 20 cents on the dollar. Is this a buying opportunity, or is the remote shift [more]

2 Powerful Ways to Advertise Real Estate Offerings and Raise More Capital

Real estate sponsors often advertise real estate offerings to the public to obtain new investors. Yet, 87% of the people seeing their ads cannot legally invest because they need to be accredited. The Problem: Advertising to Everyone Yet Only 13% Can Invest An accredited investor must meet specific financial qualifications, [more]


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