2 Powerful Ways to Advertise Real Estate Offerings and Raise More Capital

Real estate sponsors often advertise real estate offerings to the public to obtain new investors. Yet, 87% of the people seeing their ads cannot legally invest because they need to be accredited. The Problem: Advertising to Everyone Yet Only 13% Can Invest An accredited investor must meet specific financial qualifications, [more]

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3 Reasons Real Estate May Offer a Safe Haven During a Downturn

As we near the end of 2022 and look ahead to 2023, many experts are predicting that a downturn and a recession may be on the horizon. While a recession can be a challenging time for businesses and individuals, with job losses and reduced spending power, it can also present [more]

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Real Estate REIT Redemptions

Is liquidity a good thing for real estate? One of the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of buying real estate is that it is not liquid. Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust created a semi-liquid private REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), and now that there is potential volatility in ther [more]

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