What we do.

Invown is a two-sided marketplace that enables issuers to sell securities in real estate and other income-generating assets, and investors to participate in institutional-grade investment offerings. We’re helping fundraisers bring exciting projects to life while creating generational wealth-building opportunities for everyone.

For issuers.

What We Do 0

A cost-effective compliance-focused solution for raising capital through equity or debt.

Invown provides a one-stop-shop for ambitious individuals who want to issue securities in real estate and other income-generating projects, or secure specialist debt provision to bring projects to life.

Holistic Solutions

Unlike tech-only fundraising platforms, Invown offers the legal and financial services required to execute a raise in full compliance with federal and state securities laws.

Unrivaled Support

Our highly experienced team of crowdfunding experts is available to assist with every aspect of a raise, from legal and finance to marketing and investor relations.

Get Financing

For investors.

What We Do 2

Institutional-grade investment opportunities from as little as $500.

Tired of traditional investment vehicles and wanting to invest in higher quality offerings, Invown serves active investors who want to diversify their holdings and discover assets with the potential for greater returns.

Diverse Offerings

Invown gives investors unique and unparalleled access to alternative securities offerings in real estate and other income-generating projects and businesses.

Secure Platform

With investor protection at the heart of everything we do, investors can rest assured that their data and payments are protected at every stage, with full transparency guaranteed.

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