We’re revolutionizing and decentralizing real estate investing & home financing…

for everyone!

We’re revolutionizing and decentralizing real estate investing & home financing for everyone

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Invown for Investors

Invown’s mission is to level the playing field and offer everyday investors, not just institutional investors, the opportunity to access the low-risk asset class of owner-occupied residential real-estate

Finally invest in real estate

Why should real estate investing only be for the wealthy? Invown is lowering the financial barrier to entry on real estate investments to make it accessible for everyone. Now anyone with $100 can invest in real estate. Learn more

Invest in real estate

Diversify your real estate portfolio

Invown is the first marketplace of owner-occupied investments across the country. Build your real estate portfolio in your favorite locations, and not just the local ones. Learn more

Invest directly in owner-occupied residential real estate

Until now, everyday investors couldn’t invest directly in low-risk, low-cost real estate. Invown is making these investments accessible to everyone. Learn more

Invest residential

Increase ROI

There are no costs with real estate investments through Invown. No property management companies, no tenants, and no renovations. Stop allowing maintenance and management costs to eat into your profits and instead invest with Invown for a higher ROI. Learn more

Make dreams come true

Help others access capital locked up in their home so they can limit their risk or get additional cash when times are tough. Feel good about helping others, directly. Learn more

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Invown for Homeowners

Invown offers an alternative to traditional home financing options and puts the homeowner in control. For the first time, you’ll set the terms to unlock the wealth in your home… because it’s yours to do so.

No debt

Because the money you receive is a co-investment, there is no debt, which means your debt-to-income ratio isn’t impacted. Learn more

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You set the terms

Until now banks decided the terms for your financing. With Invown that changes. Now you set your own terms that you’re most comfortable with and we’ll match you with willing investors. Learn more

No monthly payment option

Unlike a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC), there is the option for no monthly payment with Invown. Learn more

Protect your home

No risk to your home

Invown won’t force a time limit on your term as other shared home equity companies do and we won’t require you to enter into an equity event that may cost you your home. Learn more

Homeowners stay the priority

With other shared equity programs, investors are rewarded a disproportionate amount of the home’s appreciation. That feels unfair to us. With Invown, investors’ share of appreciation is proportional to the amount of equity they have been awarded by you. Not more. Learn more