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Raise an unlimited amount of capital for your next project with best-in-class legal and financial technology that you can rely on.

Invown is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.


Cost-effective capital, on your own terms.

With Invown’s state-of-the-art fundraising platform, you can accept investments from accredited and non-accredited investors and work with specialist debt partners, all without excessive fees and commissions.


Get all the attorney-prepared paperwork you need for an SEC-compliant raise, including the LLC agreement, private placement memorandum, and Form C/Form D, for a fraction of the usual cost.


Monitor your investors’ interest and activity and accept investments securely with built-in escrow services and payment processing (ACH, credit card, wire, and checks) as standard.


Create your offering, communicate with investors and debt providers, and track your fundraising progress in real time – all from your easy-to-use and intuitive issuer dashboard.

Ambitious projects. Inspired by excellence.

We are proud to support real estate sponsors and other entrepreneurs across all industries.

Purchasing a multi-family building? Opening a craft brewery? Upgrading equipment for an existing business?

No matter your project or industry, if you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the technology to help bring it to life.

Do something incredible

Traditional venture finance may not share the same vision as you, but we do.

Engage your community

Crowdfunding gives people the chance to invest in what they truly believe in.

Your raise. Our technology.

Reach your fundraising goals with our end-to-end equity and debt solution.

Innovative technology. Designed for you.

Our platform helps you focus on what matters most: your business, your investors, and your bottom line.

Need flexible capital solutions? Want to streamline your processes? Keen to boost investor confidence?

From paperwork to payments, our proprietary technology solution facilitates every aspect of your raise.

Hassle-free equity and debt options

Access flexible capital from your investors or our network of specialist debt providers.

Seamless investor experience

Give your investors everything they need to invest confidently in your projects.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The reasons why issuers choose to work with us may vary, but our commitment to their success does not. Check out what our issuers have to say about working with us.

“The Invown team has unparalleled expertise in CRE and their commitment to helping us succeed made them the obvious choice for our capital raise.”

Tom Higgins

Managing Partner | Terra Capital

“I needed to raise smaller amounts from my community, while still having all the same protections as institutional-grade investments. Invown provides that.”

Alyssa Phillips

Founder | Oasis Noir

“Invown gave me exactly what I needed to activate my non-accredited investor base. This team really knows what they are doing.”

Chris Salerno

Founder and CEO | QC Capital

Active raises.

From luxury multi-family constructions to small batch distilling projects, we’re excited to support a wide range of investment offerings. Take a look at some of the projects currently raising on Invown.


Frequently asked questions.

We get it – raising capital can be complicated. If you need help, browse our frequently asked questions below or email us at

Invown is a funding portal that facilitates transactions between the issuers and purchasers of securities. As an issuer, you can raise capital for a project either by offering securities for sale on our platform (shares in a real estate company, for example) or by obtaining a loan from one of our specialist debt providers. As an investor, you can view investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and purchase securities directly on our platform.

We are committed to the success of our issuers and have a straightforward and predictable pricing model to reflect that. See Pricing for more information.

On Invown, you can offer securities through Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) with a $5 million cap on capital raised, or Private Placement (506(b)) and General Solicitation (506(c)) under Regulation D with no cap on capital raised. We can also assist with Regulation A (Reg A) with a cap of $75 million on capital raised.

As a funding portal, Invown is legally prohibited from marketing or otherwise promoting individual offerings. We do, however, notify our investor base through email and social media when a new listing goes live, and that may result in net new investors at zero cost to you as an issuer. We can also refer you to marketing partners and provide advice on marketing strategy.

Invown is a registered funding portal and must adhere to the regulations set by the SEC, FINRA, and other relevant financial authorities. We have compliance measures built into our platform and we also assist issuers in meeting legal requirements by providing attorney-prepared documentation, resources, and consultation on compliance topics (SEC filings, disclosures, financial reporting, data security, etc.) throughout the fundraising process.

Signing up for an account on Invown takes a matter of seconds. Thereafter, when you are ready to start a raise, we have a series of legally-required onboarding steps to guide you through (document preparation, background checks, escrow account setup, etc.) that takes around 30 days on average (expedited review available).

Great – we can’t wait to see your project! Sign up for an account here to start the listing process for free or book a time to chat with us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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