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The journey of capital raising and formation varies significantly across different types of companies. Each sector and growth stage demands a unique approach to funding – a puzzle we at Invown are passionate about solving.

Venture capital and angel investors are the go-to for early-stage startups, especially in tech, with high growth potential.

Real estate ventures often obtain their initial capital through banks, preferred equity funds, and mezzanine financing. This established ecosystem provides a robust framework for real estate companies to thrive.

However, the landscape changes dramatically for companies that are not characterized by high growth or tangible collateral. Where once a local bank might have provided crucial support, today, these businesses face an uphill battle in capital acquisition. This is where crowdfunding steps in as a pivotal source of capital. Over time, it unlocks opportunities for capital-intensive yet potentially profitable businesses—manufacturing, food businesses, or direct-to-consumer products. These entities often find themselves without a traditional pathway to funding, rendering crowdfunding an essential option.

At Invown, we recognize the potential of these diverse businesses and are dedicated to harnessing the power of crowdfunding to fuel their growth. But we do more than facilitate crowdfunding; we offer a comprehensive suite of services. From structuring deals to exploring alternative financing options and assisting with the minutiae of capital formation and marketing, we serve as a full-fledged consultancy for businesses outside the traditional avenues of capital formation.

If your company is navigating the complexities of capital formation without a clear path forward, I invite you to connect. Let’s explore how Invown can illuminate your journey to success through innovative funding solutions.

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