Does investing require me to vote?

Invown uses a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) LLC to facilitate investments in the Issuer's offering. On the rare occasion that a vote is required for the SPV, all investors will be notified, via email, and required to respond within three days. Investors can log into Invown to read all information [more]

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What is the structure of the investment?

Investors purchase a share in a specially created company, known as a Crowdfunding Vehicle, that enters into an option agreement with the owner to purchase a portion of their property in the future for a nominal amount. Although the option can be exercised, the intention is for the owner to [more]

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What does one share of the investment represent?

Each share represents $1 of investment. Let's say the house is worth $200,000 and the owner wants $40,000 for 20%. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is created that owns the contract with the right to 20% of the future value of the property. Each share in the SPV is [more]

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Is the investment a loan?

Technically, when owners take investor money, they obligate themselves to pay investors back whenever there is a financing event or the owner decides to repurchase the option from investors. Owners repurchase the option from investors out of the proceeds of the value of the home when owners either sell [more]

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What do owners sell to investors?

Investors enter into an options agreement with a business that owns the rights to the future value of the property. The way this works is as follows. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created for the purposes of the investment. This SPV is an LLC that has only one [more]

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What happens when the offering reaches its goal before the deadline?

If the offering reaches its goal prior to its deadline the owner (issuer) may choose to move the deadline forward to an earlier date.  This is considered a material change to the terms of the agreement which then must be re-approved by each investor within 5 business days. Once [more]

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