Investors purchase a share in a specially created company, known as a Crowdfunding Vehicle, that enters into an option agreement with the owner to purchase a portion of their property in the future for a nominal amount. Although the option can be exercised, the intention is for the owner to repurchase the option based on the market value of the property at the time of repurchase, at which point investors will be paid out their share. As part of this agreement, the investor appoints Invown Corp as their agent to manage the Crowdfunding Vehicle. Invown Corp has no equity stake or ownership position in the Crowdfunding Vehicle.

Should the issuer fail to repurchase the option from investors, the agreement automatically extends for a period of one year with a penalty specified in the agreement. If the option is still not repurchased by the owner from investors, the investors may exercise their option to purchase the property for a nominal amount and they will then be added to the title of the property. According to the agreement, when investors are added to the title they can force a sale of the property to recover their investment.