You must read and agree to the following provisions before continuing with the electronic account opening and registration process for www.invown.com (the “Site”).

Disclosure of Promotional Fees Required for Offerings Conducted on the Site (SEC Regulation Crowdfunding Rule 302(c))

Investors that participate in an offering on the Site should be aware that any person who promotes an offering for compensation on the Site, whether past or prospective, or who is a property owner (the ‘issuer” that engages in promotional activities on behalf of an issuer on the Site, must clearly disclose in all communications on the Site (i) the receipt of the compensation and (ii) that such promoter is engaging in promotional activities on behalf of such issuer.

Site Fees for Offerings and Sales of Securities through the Site (SEC Regulation Crowdfunding Rule 302(d))

The Site charges fees in connection with the posting of offerings and sale of securities on the Site in reliance on Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Currently, the Site charges to:


Our fee structure for Reg CF offerings is as follows:

A $2,500 onboarding fee

  • Up to $1 million = 5% on capital
  • $1 million – $2 million = 4.5% on capital
  • $2 million – $3 million = 4% on capital
  • $3 million – $4 million = 3% on capital
  • $4 million – $5 million = 2.5% on capital
  • We discount our fee by up to 25% based on bonafide issuer marketing expenses

  • For other equity and debt raises on Invown we charge fixed platform fees


  • A 2% commission based on the amount of the investment

The commission may be paid in cash and/or the securities of the Issuer identical to those offered to the public in the Offering and reimbursement of certain expenses related to the Offering up to an aggregate cap based on the size of the offering. The securities paid to the Site, if any, will be of the same class and have the same terms, conditions, and rights as the securities being offered and sold by the Issuer on the Site. The Site expressly reserves the right to change its policies regarding fees at any time in the future in its sole discretion, including in connection with promotional events or new services. Changes to these fee policies are effective after providing users of the Site with notice by posting such changes on the Site and/or notifying such users via electronic communications. All fees paid to the Site in connection with the offering and sale of securities are non-refundable unless in its sole discretion the Site determines that a refund is appropriate.

The Site is not a registered broker­-dealer or investment adviser and does not offer investment advice or advise on the raising of capital through the offer and sale of securities. The Site does not recommend or otherwise suggest that any investor make an investment in a particular investment opportunity posted to the Site.