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What is the Cap Rate and How do You Take Advantage of It?

What is the Cap Rate? Many beginners do not know what Cap Rate means. The Cap Rate is just a number indicating the profitability of a property compared to other properties in the vicinity. Here is how you calculate a Cap Rate: Take the total Net Operating Income (NOI), divide [more]

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Regulatory Framework Rubric: 506c – 506b – Reg CF

Rule 506(b) 506(c) Reg CF Permitted Investors Accredited investors and up to 35 non-accredited investors. As long as the non-accredited investors are “sophisticated.” Accredited investors only. Anyone Verification of Accredited Investors Verification of Issuer may rely on a statement by the investor to reach a reasonable belief [more]

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Issuer Onboarding

We are delighted that you are considering Invown to raise capital for your real estate deal or project. This post takes you through the steps to list your deal on Invown. Invown is a registered Funding Portal regulated by FINRA, and we abide by all security regulations. Here are the [more]

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