A new alternative to real estate investing

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Invown is a new alternative to traditional real estate investing

Connecting home-owners and investors.

Invown for Real Estate Companies

Owners, sponsors & operators enter our marketplace offering equity in their real estate to raise the cash they need to seed more deals, close more properties, or for CapEx.

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Invown for Investors

Investors find real estate backed investments that don’t require property management, down payments, renovations and maintenance, or closing costs. Invest with as little as $1000

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Browse and filter investment ready properties near you

When you log into Invown you’ll be greeted by unique investments from around the country

Residential or Commercial Companies

Find an investment that meets your specific interests.

Short or Long Term

Owners offer short and long term investment opportunities.


Dive into each investment, share, or add to your cart!

Compare each investment opportunity and dig deep into the offering, its terms and potential.

Detailed Investment Information

Investment listings provide necessary due diligence information and the ability to ask the issuer questions, so that investors can make informed investment decisions.

Add your investment to cart!

Browse diverse investment opportunities and add them to your cart to check out in minutes.

Investors can realize the benefits of real
estate without having to own it

Skip the operating expenses and headaches of managing real estate.

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Invown for Investors

Everyday investors gain exposure to real estate by investing as little as $1,000.

Low barrier
Invown - no property maintenance
Invown nationwide
Invown real estate
Low Barrier to Entry
Passive Investments
Exposure to Real Estate Markets

Only $1,000 minimum to invest. No deposit and no maintenance – invest in real estate companies without owning property.

Investors are passive and therefore not directly responsible for maintenance, property management, or tenants.

Companies listing on Invown are from all around the country. Pick the markets that suit your expectations best!

Build a diverse and tailored investment portfolio with exposure to residential and commercial real estate companies.

What am I investing in?

When you invest through Invown, you’re investing in real estate companies that own properties, through Regulation Crowdfunding.

Understand The Benefits

By passively investing in a company that owns real estate you gain exposure to real estate value and potential cashflow, without the headaches of direct ownership. Learn more

Weigh The Risks

As with all investments, investors need to understand the risk. Investments offered on Invown are illiquid and, like all privately bought securities, there is the chance of losing your entire investment.

Return on investment

Invown cannot predict any potential return on investment. You need to review each property upon which the security on interest is based and decide if the potential risk/reward is worth the investment.

Homeowners can use their equity to fund their dreams.

Get the funding you need to renovate, pay for schooling or debt, reinvest and more.

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Invown for Owners, Sponsors, Operators & Syndicators

Invown specializing in real estate investing companies and enables them to raise equity financing from everyday investors

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Gain equity financing for your real estate deals

Get equity financing directly from retail investors.

Fund your next big project, renovation or deal

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Choose your own terms, payment schedule & timeline

Customize the terms of the investment, including the term length and payment schedule, for investors to agree to.

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Share your risk and reward with investors

Spread your wealth into other asset classes or investment opportunities.

Commercial investors can raise up to $5 million

Raise funds to build, renovate or maintain your next project.

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