A marketplace for home equity

Invown connects real estate investors with property owners wanting funding.

Investors can now realize the benefits of real estate without having to own it.

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Invown for Investors

Invown connects every day (non-accredited) investors with residential real estate owners from around the country. We facilitate investments that don’t require the costs of down-payments, mortgages, property management, maintenance, renovation, or tenants.

Realize the benefits of real estate options

When you invest through Invown you’re not investing directly in real estate and investors’ names are never on the title of the property.  Instead, investors buy the right to an equity interest upon the occurrence of a financing event.  Learn more

Invest in real estate

Diversify your investment portfolio

Invown is a two-sided marketplace for real estate options from across the country. Build your investment portfolio in your favorite locations, and not just the local ones. Learn more

Non-accredited investors can access the benefits of the real estate market

Professional investors have been realizing the benefits of residential real estate for years. With Invown and $1000, you can invest in real estate options and get the same returns as the pros! Learn more

Invest residential

No maintenance or management costs

There are no ongoing costs with real estate option investments through Invown. No property management companies, no tenants, and no renovations. Investments though Invown don’t require maintenance and management costs that can eat into your profits. Learn more

Invown for Owners

Invown offers an alternative to traditional home financing options and allows the owner to set their own terms. Decide how you want to unlock the wealth in your home… because it’s yours to do so.

Receive an investment, not a loan

Because the money you receive is a co-investment, and not a loan, your debt-to-income ratio isn’t impacted. Learn more

Realtor handshake

You set the terms

Loans through banks usually have predetermined terms for your financing. With Invown that changes. Now you set your own terms that you’re most comfortable with and we’ll match you with willing investors. Learn more

No monthly payment option

Owners can choose a no monthly payment option. Learn more

Protect your home

No risk to your home

Invown won’t force a time limit on your term as other shared home equity companies do and we won’t require you to enter into an equity event that may cost you your home. Learn more

Owners stay the priority

With other shared equity programs, investors may be rewarded a disproportionate amount of the property’s appreciation. That feels unfair to us. With Invown, investors’ share of appreciation is proportional to the amount of equity that’s been awarded by you. Not more. Learn more